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Several small methods for cleaning the glass of shower room
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Each family in the decoration of the shower room will be decorated for some time, but in the subsequent use will always do not know how to clean the shower room glass. With a variety of methods can not make it back to the original clean and transparent, there will always be some impurities remain in the above. Follow the small make up about how to clean the shower room glass to create a clean shower environment.

Choose glabrous soft cloth as a cleaning tool. When cleaning the glass shower room to choose to buy a soft cloth to wipe in the choice of the tool, so as to avoid impurities in the glass shed, leaving hair cloth. Remember, must choose glabrous, otherwise any tools will leave some small fine wool.

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Glass cleaning should be regularly cleaned. Shower room glass cleaning must be cleaned regularly, not looking at dirty to clean. Only a long time to adhere to clean, in order to make the shower room glass, as always, transparent and clean. In addition in the cleaning as far as possible not to choose any glass cleaning products, as long as the use of water to clean it, because a lot of glass cleaning products will affect the transparency of the glass.

Glass cleaning tips of the spinach water flushing. Here we provide a good cleaning glass small folk prescription, that is used to boil water spinach, only half a minute, and then use the cloth to wipe not soaked, this method can not only get rid of the dirt on the glass, it will not damage the transparency of the glass.

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      The above is to clean the shower room glass of some small methods, hope that the above method can help everyone have a clean and transparent shower environment.

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