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Three characteristics of new development of sanitary ware
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Last year the price of water increases, to a certain extent, increased the burden on people's life. Its parallel with the sanitary ware market is hot, water-saving sanitary ware once again become a hot consumer focus of the home market. Coupled with the changing needs of the international market, the new product development of sanitary ware will present the following three characteristics:

First, the new requirements of sanitary ware products

According to the requirements of the international market access standards, where the domestic sanitary ware products export, must meet the ISO90000 international quality system certification. In addition to international standards certification, certification and other products exported to the United States as the symbol of the national accreditation and standards. If you want to export directly to Europe and the United States and other western developed countries, but also at any time to pay attention to these national product standards, and the requirements of the relevant trade barriers and changes at any time. Must continuously improve the technical content of export products, continue to improve the grade and added value of export products. The introduction of new technology such as strengthening sanitary ware production, such as nano antibacterial ceramic products production technology, green technology, and constantly develop new products of new generation, in order to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, but also conducive to high-end products into the international market. This development trend will probably remain for quite some time. Therefore, the sanitary ware production enterprises in the organization of new product development and expand exports, should attach great importance to this characteristic.

Two, diversification trend

The concept of sanitary ware products, has far exceeded the traditional concept of the past. As a symbol of modern luxury living supplies, it has entered every aspect of people's lives. The utility model not only has the functions of sanitation and cleaning, but also includes the function of health care, the appreciation function and the entertainment function. In the use of functions, wash only sanitary products have appeared a spin type, silent type, oblique thrust type, straight type, siphon type, spray type etc.. Sanitary ware products form appeared Siamese style, and basin series, Siamese style toilet, bidet, squatting, urinal, mop tub, column or table andwashbasin etc.. In recent years, sanitary ware products have also introduced an additional set of leisure style bathtub, cabinet basin, steam room and other functions of a series of ancillary products. Therefore, the future, sanitary ware market will present a variety of development trends are self-evident.

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Three, the comprehensive function of the product is more prominent

According to the international market consumer shopping psychology, a good sanitary ware products, must be able to meet the modern way of life, to have a more complete function. If meet the use function, but also need to solve the water, energy saving, environmental protection, comfort, health care, anti aging, induction, intelligent and many other features, with a clear and strong sense of green consumption concept. This requires a new generation of products must be able to make the best use of biological technology, electronic technology, sensor technology and other comprehensive high-tech achievements will be a variety of new features were combined, in order to improve the comprehensive function and physical quality of sanitary ceramic products.

In a word, the new product development of our country's sanitary ware enterprise at present must be reasonably configured and carried out in time. Continue to pay close attention to the new needs of the international market, understand the development trend of new products in developed countries, for doing a good job in business is still a very important thing, so that we can know the specific direction of development.

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