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Bathroom industry reshuffle bathroom people should be how to break through
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In recent days, continue to receive a number of sanitary ware store owner of the phone, saying that this year's market is particularly weak, sales are not as before! Usually, stores almost see few customers, daily sales almost stagnant. Make monthly activities, but still do not go on sale. Shopping guide is not a little passion. Competitors every day to do the activities, in the face of such a situation, you say how do I do?

Through observation, in recent months, summed up the analysis, we found that this year, many of the size of the bathroom store is recession, slowly lost in the competition, usually has the following characteristics:

1, operating in more than 3 years of sanitary ware stores in more than years, by doing retail bathroom started, the boss is generally more than 40 years old and no successor.

2, the old staff initially follow entrepreneurial boss (with nepotism usually) have left, start a business, or even become a rival.

3, in the face of the challenges of the later, often dismissed. The boss itself.

4, the store size bigger, but still use the method of 10 years ago, the couple's store management.

5, have brand awareness, but no brand operating experience, often by feeling to do things!

6, it will be a witness, outsiders do not believe.

7, a breakthrough in consciousness, but there is no breakthrough in the determination of worry about personal gains and losses!

8, have the habit of making money, no money habits.

9, only the immediate interests, there is no long-term plan.

No, 10 years of learning, and the misfits management thoughts and methods advanced, serious xenophobia.

Yiwu Yi Lingnuo Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

If we say that in 2013 and 2014 is a second tier market dealers of the year, then 2015 is the first year of the county market dealers shuffle. Along with the national sanitary giants, such as Jomoo bathroom, rolled out the shop in the market of the three or four fundamental levels will occur, the competition and competitive market of the three or four change in the revolutionary movement of a local blocking national chain stores will gradually spread in the three or four City wide field. In addition there is a regional chain of bathroom outside the expansion, direct competition with the local market, the larger size of the bathroom.

Bathroom stores face more and more challenges, can live well, the answer is yes. The only way is to change and break through. The reason is many dealers complained of competitors, forcing yourself cornered, but actually defeated themselves, not rivals. Even if there is no competition, the above 10 is enough to kill you!

Bathroom store boss is old, do not move, the successor and no one, and the boss does not believe outsiders, this is really a century problem. To find a successor to become the boss of the new distress. Can not be used outside, can use third party occupation managers, can not use, this is the most distressed and upset for the boss, but the result is often lost development opportunities in a long time in thinking.

Shaanxi has a bathroom boss, also have a breakthrough, also paid for occupation managers, but failed, why, because the boss put their ideas as managers occupation managers, occupation managers every day doing themselves do not think is right. The results can not be good! Bathroom boss to break through difficult, difficult to break through the inherent thinking of their own! Many sanitary ware owners think that doing business is to make money, in our view, doing business is the art of spending money. Only think about how to put the money into their pockets, often earn money. For example, some bosses, for many years not to advertise, do not think that advertising is not used, not to create benefits. Indeed, in the county market once, when a bathroom is the only local sanitary wares, all people buy Bathroom to come, do not advertise, as if it is not so important. But today, every county market in counties and large and small bathroom stores there are dozens of you, how to let consumers know you, remember you, is the first choice of you is a very technical problem.

Before we said that ten years east of the river, ten years in the west, now is the leading position for two or three years. The elimination of no effort to competitors only need two or three years, the opportunity is fleeting. Bathroom boss breakthrough difficult, difficult to break through their own business ideas. Many shopping malls are the owner of the sanitary county owned property, they do not take the rent, operating pressure is small, as long as the point of sales, there is money, if you ask him what is selling well, he will feel like what you say what to sell well, you ask him what to sell well, he anyway, that can not say what to sell, sell well!

Bathroom boss breakthrough difficult, difficult in business blindly, deal with feelings, no analysis of operation management system and scientific management system data! Many owners do not want to admit their business ability, insist on their own business but also don't want to change. Do not want to spend money to help people to change, bathroom boss to break through the difficult, difficult in the money can only go into, not out of the ideological difficult to break!

Survival of the fittest, is the nature of the survival of the law, the retail industry is no exception, in this field does not smoke in the revolutionary movement, who can win, let us look forward to!

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